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6th FertiSave Annual Meeting

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Fertility Preservation – Looking over the Edge

Donnerstag, 4. November 2021

13:00 Uhr – 17:15 Uhr

Vatter Business Center


13:00 Uhr: Welcome - Michael von Wolff, Bern, Nicolas Vulliémoz, Lausanne

13:05 Uhr: Adjuvant treatment for breast cancer: its impact on fertility - Olivia Pagani, Rennaz

13:25 Uhr: Fertility preservation in patients with breast cancer - Kutluk Oktay, New York

14:00 Uhr: Fertility preservation in the prepubertal boy: where are we and what do we expect? - Christine Wyns, Brussels

14:30 Uhr: Immature testicular tissue cryopreservation: a series of 35 cases - Nicolas Vulliémoz, Lausanne including 5min for Q& A

14:45 Uhr: Case report: Successful transplantation of ovarian tissue - Ruth Stiller, Zürich & Ana Velasco, Zürich including 5min for Q&A

15:05 Uhr: Coffee break 15 min

15:20 Uhr: Political aspect (Reimbursement) - Sabine Steimann, Luzern

15:35 Uhr: Ovarian Tissue freezing and transplantation - Michael von Wolff, Bern, including 5min for Q&A

16:15 Uhr: The TransFert study : Concerns about fertility and parenthood among trans*patients -Julia Barbe, Geneva & Julie Benard, Geneva, including 5min for Q&A

16:35 Uhr: just ASK? Fertility, Sexuality and Body Image - the unmet needs of young cancer patients - Astrid Ahler, Basel, including 5min Q&A

17:00 Uhr: General Assembly, election of new committee members

17:15 Uhr: Closing remarks - Michael von Wolff, Berne, Nicolas Vulliémoz, Lausanne


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