Information for patients

Informationen für Patienten

Information about reproductive medicine

The SGRM is glad to provide you with information about topics such as IVF therapies, psychological counselling, fertility preservation or sperm donation.

We provide you with links that should quickly lead you to more information about these topics - be it as an affected couple, as a donor or as a donor child. But you will also find valuable information on the pages of our commissions.

The information on our website is only available in German or French.


Do you need IVF therapy? Please contact a centre nearby.

Psychological counselling

Do you need psychological counselling regarding your desire to have a child, egg donation, sperm donation or concerning questions about your current treatment? Please contact a FertiForum counsellor.

Fertility reserve (fertility preservation)

If you are affected and are planning a fertility reserve (fertility preservation) or have questions about it, please contact a FertiSave centre nearby or a FertiForum counsellor.

Sperm donation

Do you need a sperm donation or do you have questions about it?


Infertility treatments with sperm donation are possible if male infertility exists.
Prerequisite for this: The couple must be married.


Are you between 20 and 40 years old and would like to become a sperm donor?

Spender child

Were you conceived through sperm donation and have questions about it?

Sperm donation after 1 January 2001

The office responsible for the requested information is the Federal Office of Civil Status (EAZW) of the Federal Office of Justice. Its task is, among other things, "to communicate the sperm donor's data to persons conceived through a sperm donation used in Switzerland, provided the sperm donation took place or was used after 1 January 2001," as well as for " accompanying these persons in the search for their origin".

Sperm donation before 1 January 2001

Persons who conceived in Switzerland through sperm donation before 1 January 2001 may contact the doctors who treated them for any information they may require.

According to Art. 41 para. 2 of the Reproductive Medicine Act, they are obliged to provide information about the treatment as far as they are able.

However, before the FMedG 2001 came into force, reproductive medical treatments were carried out with sperm from anonymous donors.

Law FMedG

See also: Article 27 of the Reproductive Medicine Act (RMA)

Art. 27 Information