Sperm donation

Samenspende Aufmacherbild

Kinderwunschbehandlungen mit einer Samenspende sind möglich, wenn eine männliche Unfruchtbarkeit besteht. Voraussetzung dazu: Das Paar muss verheiratet sein.

Affected by sperm donation?

Any person born after 2001 from a sperm donation can request information about the donor from the Federal Office of Civil Status (see below) from the age of 18 (Art 24, Paragraph 2, FMedG, 2001).

Some want more detailed information and even a meeting with the donor. This key moment raises questions and can trigger feelings in all concerned - the children, the parents and the donor himself. The donor may refuse to meet.

Infertility treatments with a sperm donor are possible if male infertility exists.

Prerequisite for this: The couple must be married.

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